We all know Christmas can be an expensive time and the best way to save for the big day is to put a little away throughout the year. We offer a facility for you to set up a second savings account just for this purpose that way if you take out a loan or are tempted to spend some of your regular savings you know that little nest egg is safe and continues to grow until you need it.


Key features

  • Requires a commitment to save regularly (weekly or monthly) between July and November¬†

  • Guaranteed loan facility based on level of savings up to ¬£250

  • Loan repayable between January and June

  • Interest charged at 12% (12.68% APR)

  • Any withdrawals prior to 1st December will invalidate the automatic loan offer

  • The last date for joining the scheme is 30th September 2019

  • The loan can be taken in addition to any existing borrowings (conditions apply)