Even if you are unable to visit the office, you can deposit and withdraw money via your bank account.


Members can set up a Standing Order mandate to make regular payments to savings and/or  to loan repayments. If a member has internet banking they can easily do this themselves – members who do not have internet banking can download and print the mandate form and give it to their bank. Members with internet banking can also make one-off payments at any time using Faster Payments from their bank account.

It is essential that any such standing order or faster payment has the member’s credit union account number as the payment reference. We need this number to ensure that money is credited to the account of the member who sent it. The standing order form has our bank details and can be downloaded and printed, if required.

Standing Order Mandate


Once a member has completed a Bank Transfer Mandate Form they can withdraw money from their savings by sending us an email stating how much they wish to withdraw.  If funds are available for withdrawal the money is transferred to the member’s bank account.

A Bank Transfer Mandate Form can be completed online – just send us an email asking for this. The form requires that documents are uploaded to verify ID and bank details.

Alternatively, members can complete this form by visiting our office and producing a passport or photo driving licence.

If you wish to download and print the Mandate Form at home please do NOT sign the form until your signature can be witnessed at the office.

Bank Transfer Mandate form

Once we have processed your mandate form, a request to withdraw available funds can be made by email. Members should NOT put details of their bank account in an email request as we would already have this information.

We will only action a request if it comes from the email address detailed on your mandate form and we will only send funds to the bank account detailed on the mandate form. If a member wishes to changes their email or bank account details they must complete a new mandate form.

Bank Transfers will be actioned during office opening hours. If an email request is received before the cut-off time for that day we aim to carry out the transfer the same day. If a request is received at any other time it will be processed on the next working day.

The cut-off times are:-

Monday – 11.00am         Wednesday – 11.00am             Friday – 2.30pm